Emergency Services

Critical Care Ambulance

For patients requiring critical intensive care during transportation, but not meeting the requirements for air transport, our Critical Care Ambulance meets your needs. Fully equipped with critical care equipment, our service is unmatched in the Metro Augusta area.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance

For general transportation requiring cardiac monitoring or airway management, our ALS ambulances, staffed with Paramedics and EMTs, fit the bill.

Non-Emergency Services

Stretcher Van Services

For the patient requiring stretcher transportation, but not requiring any medical treatment. Our stretcher vans are staffed with one EMT and a First Responder trained driver. Although not an ambulance, these vehicles carry oxygen, a medical kit, and an AED.

Wheelchair Transportation

For all wheelchair patients requiring transportation only. Staffed by First Responder trained drivers, our wheel chair vans are capable of taking two patients at a time in comfort. Should an emergency arise during transport, these vehicles are equipped with oxygen, medical kits, and an AED.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Are you a recent customer of our service? We would greatly appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete and return this questionnaire. Your input will assist us to better serve our customers through continuous quality improvement.