Gold Cross EMS Selected for ET3 by CMS


Gold Cross EMS is one of only seven ambulance services in Georgia, and 205 nationwide, selected for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport (ET3) model. Gold Cross EMS is the only ambulance service within 2 hours of the CSRA authorized to provide ET3 services.

ET3 is a revolutionary voluntary five-year payment model that is only available to selected participants, such as Gold Cross EMS. ET3 will allow patients with Medicare to have a voice in their healthcare and provide ambulance services with greater flexibility to address the emergency health care needs of Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries following a 911 call.

Currently, ambulance services are only paid when a patient is transported to specific types of facilities. Most patients are transported to a hospital emergency department, even when a lower-acuity destination may be more appropriate. The ET3 model allows Gold Cross EMS the flexibility to deliver care to patients at the right time and place. Once the ET3 model begins this Spring, Gold Cross EMS will be able to provide alternate choices to patients such as:

1. Transporting a patient to an alternative destination (such as a primary care doctor?s office or an urgent care clinic), and

2. Initiating and facilitating treatment in place by a qualified healthcare practitioner, either in person on the scene or via telehealth.

These options will be available to patients with Medicare fee-for-service, but these patients will always have the option to be transported to the hospital. Gold Cross EMS has also established a contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia to participate as well and is working with other insurance carriers to come to an agreement. Gold Cross EMS will also respect our patients wishes for their healthcare.

For additional information about the ET3 model, or how Gold Cross EMS plans to implement the model please contact Steven Vincent, Vice President of Gold Cross EMS at 803-634-3215 or

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