Gold Cross EMS Explorers

Gold Cross EMS is pleased to announce the formation of an EMS Explorer program.

The Explorer program is a co-ed program used to introduce young people (14-20) to the exciting world of Emergency Medical Services. This program will introduce you to many aspects of public safety and the medical field.

The program will utilize the traditional values taught in Boy Scouts to teach leadership and integrity while building self esteem and self confidence. These lessons will serve you throughout life.

If you have thoughts of a career in the medical field then you will want to be a part of this. This program will allow you gain first hand knowledge and experience in the emergency medical field. During this program you will be able to ride along on the ambulance and to work directly with the community through community outreach programs such as health fairs. You will also be assisting with coverage at events in the community. In addition we will provide training for Emergency Medical Responder. You will be prepared to take the National Registry for this certification..

This experience will allow you the opportunity to gain real world experience and possibly open doors into a career path.

Please email us at for more information.

What Are Others Saying?

Please pass along my thanks to Gold Cross EMS for providing this great opportunity to our young people. Having been the advisor to two law enforcement posts, I feel I am qualified to give a “five star rating” to Explorer Post 911. I have been very impressed with everything I have seen thus far. My Eagle Scout son is showing great interest in the EMS field and I hope he takes full advantage of this excellent program.
~Capt. C. E. Gavitt~

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