Ghost Out

The following pictures were taken at Ghost Out 2012 at Butler High School in Augusta, GA. The point of Ghost Out is to make teens aware of the temptations they are surrounded by, and the possible consequences that accompany them.

In this Ghost Out, students from Butler High School, members from the Augusta Fire Department, Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, Gold Cross EMS, County Coroner and AirMed stage a scene involving one such temptation.

In this Example, a young girl decides to experiment with “Spice” after her high school Prom. After she lit up the spice, she waited for the effects. In the meantime, her date and friends came to the car and decided to get some dessert. She was the driver and, on their way home, the spice took over and she lost control of the car.

The rest of the scene deals with the consequences of her action, including arrest, injuries, and fatalities.

Please note some of these pictures appear to be alarming so discretion at continuing is advised.


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